SunClan, home of the Fast and Fierce . SunClan shares land with the other 4 Clans, DarkClan, OakClan, LakeClan, and StormClan. They are based off of the clan, WindClan, from the original warriors series. They are swift, Fast, and fierce fighters, they dont mind sleeping in the open and love when the night shines on them.


Leader: Edit

  • Redstar - a Huge, Handsom, Muscular Red, Black, and flame colored fur tom with huge, stone-hard paws, long, sharp claws, Big, pointed ears, which both of them have orange tufts of fur, speckled orange legs, and huge, bright yellow eyes.


  • Ripplepelt - Silver-blue she-cat with gorgeous, crystal blue eyes. Rped by Crystalheart123

Medicine catEdit

  • Flareheart - Sleek, dark ginger tabby tom with deep blue eyes. (Moss)

Medicine cat apprenticeEdit

  • Needed


  • Birdflight- a stunning cream she-cat with breathtaking green eyes. Roleplayer: Ember
  • Nightshadow - Black, dappled tortoiseshell she-cat with amber eyes. (Moss)


  • Cheetahpaw- a golden spotted tom with big blue eyes.
  • needed

Queens and kitsEdit

  • Needed


  • needed

SunClan RoleplayEdit