StormClan, home of the Brave and Strong. StormClan share land with the other 4 Clans, DarkClan, OakClan, SunClan, and LakeClan. They are based off of the clan, SkyClan, from the original warriors series. They love to climb into trees and tend to spend thier time in the trees a lot. They are the newest clan, they are made of Kittypets, Loners, and Rogues who were outraged that they couldn't join the other four, so to prove they were as strong as Clan-born cats, they decided to live in the most Rugged territory of all the clans, a narrow gorge with a river at the bottom. Soon, the clans offered to take them in, But they decided they would make a new clan, called StormClan.



  • Silverstar- a beautiful, glossy long fured unsusal Silver she-cat with very faint white tabby stripes, tufts of white fur on her ears, a long, feathered white tail, and huge, shining sky blue eyes.


  • Icefire- a pretty white she-cat with light grey patches and ice-blue eyes. Roleplayer: Ember

Medicine Cat:Edit

  • Berrytail- a hefty, large brown tabby tom with yellow eyes.

Medicine Cat Apprentice:Edit

  • Ivypaw - Mottled, tortoiseshell she-cat with not quite green eyes yet not yet yellow, either. Roleplayer: Moss


  • Frostmoon- a silky, long fured white tom with unusual icy blue eyes.
  • Falconheart- muscular, dark ginger tabby tom with amber eyes. Roleplayer: Ember
  • Lionfang - A muscular pure white tom with broad shoulders, muscular hind legs, unusually sharp teeth, and amber eyes. Roleplayed by: Crystal
  • Softbreeze - A small, tabby and white she-cat with striking yellow eyes. (Moss)


  • Brownpaw- a small, short fured brown she-cat with bright yellow eyes and a white chin. Mentor: ?
  • Needed

Queens and Kits:Edit

  • Speckledflower- skinny, sleek tortieshell she-cat. Expecting Frostmoon's kits.
  • Silverstar- *see Leader* Expecting kits, father unknown.


  • None