LakeClan, home of the Smart and Cunning . LakeClan shares land with the other 4 Clans, DarkClan, OakClan, SunClan, and StormClan. They are based off of the clan, RiverClan, from the original warriors series. They love to swim and spend all day swimming and cooling-down. They are fast.



  • Lightningstar - Dark gray Tom with white stripes and flashing yellow eyes. Roleplayer: Mossnose


  • Hollysplash - pretty blue-gray she-cat with a white chest and dark amber eyes. Roleplayer: Ember

Medicine cat:Edit

  • Shiningpool- a beautiful tortieshell she-cat with unusual purple eyes.

Medicine cat apprentice:Edit

  • Jadepaw - Beautiful black she-cat with violet eyes (Crystal)


  • Blackfur- a pure black tom with striking yellow eyes.
  • Lightningleg - Light brown tom with green eyes, Crystal's Cat; Apprentice: Emberpaw
  • Dovesplash - Pale gray tabby she-cat with playful blue eyes. (Moss)


  • Emberpaw: Black tom with a ginger flash across his chest and amber eyes (Crys)

Queens and kits:Edit

  • Redsun: a long furred Golden she-cat with Golden eyes.
    • Frostkit- a pure white she-kit with unusual teal eyes.
    • Acornkit- a brown and white tabby tom with green eyes.


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LakeClan RoleplayEdit